Always in You

Look at Me and tell me what do you see
Look Me in the eye and see who you really are
Come to realise your truth
The truth that lies in you.
Don’t mind your feelings
Ignore your thoughts
Just listen to the whispering of your silence
That’s the real you speaking without words.
Telling you who you are
Not just only body and mind
You have to leave that far behind
I see through your eyes
I see through your heart
Find the real you
Residing inside of you

Don’t look to far
I Am as close as you are
Not an inch away
I Am here to stay
Helping you to find your way home
The place where you belong
Don’t search just find
Calm your heart
Ease your mind
And embrace your suffering
Cause suffering is the fuel to find out ..
Who you really are
Always in You
Always in Me

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