Life is not a puzzle that needs to be solved
The ego is searching for God so eagerly that he is full of pain . 
He can’t find what he already is.
The one fighting for good or bad is still fighting.
Let go of all the fights.
 See who thinks something is lacking. 
See that you don’t have to fight…
… to be at home.
The mind creates the illusion that you are and all the other objects.
See what created the mind.
Don’t try to think yourself to the ‘Self’
For being yourself you have to let go and see
what makes you think, act and experience via the senses
The devil is just God in pain
Not knowing who he really is..
There is nothing to resist and nothing to fight for.
If so, you’re still in the illusion.
The illusion appears but it’s not what you are.
Just let go.

Return to love.

Fighting even for the light and good
Can make you blind for the fact
that you’re the light already
You’re the Love already.
Nothing to fight for.

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